Let the negativity live somewhere else

We all know how much dodo there is floating in the waters of the wet web. Everywhere we look, Politics, Rudeness, Slander, Bashing, Death News, Tragedy and Destruction. I don’t know about you but it weighs on me heavily at the end of the day. I need a place where I don’t have to look at any of it.

I guess it really depends where your boundaries lie for each genre or topic of discussion. So, like Facebook, Ebay, Amazon and many other BBWD (Big Box Web Dwellers) who make their own rules for us to play on their platforms, we will too. I hope none of what we ban or restrict from the site offends anyone. As we start this project we will implement rules, features, filters and other systems. Please be understanding of our motives.

Our goal is to create a place where you won’t see anything of a neg nature. Not to say it’s a bad thing to keep up on current affairs and disasters that occur globally. That news can reside someplace else. So now we will at least have a save place to go and let your mind focus on the positive things in your community and circle of friends. If you have a bad day or week and want to get inspired or uplifted, try filtering out the neg and enhance the pos. (I will use those abbrevs throughout the entire site)

We hope you get some pleasure from all the pos stuff we hope to share with you over the coming months and years. We are all ears and open to pos comments about the direction we are headed, and what features you believe would help people feel, well… more happy. Of course everybody’s version of Fun or Happy can be quite different. What can be posted here will be outlined in our rules and restrictions (that will be the only neg thing on this site) but they are required, sorry to say. But the upside of things, is the way you’ll feel on a daily basis when you are able browse only pos things for a while.

It’s a working project so far and we are still designing and coding the heart of the system. It will eventually be data driven using AI procedures and algorithms, and will allow a fully configurable members area. User interface will grow substantially over the following months so let us know what you think or if you can help in some fun and happy way.

This is Charles Goodenough, your administrator for fahb (funandhappybook.com). Please address your comments and concerns to me at charles@funandhappybook.com

Thank you for your input, loyalty and support, in advance. I sincerely hope you have a funandhappy life.

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